Abby Winters Review

Brief Description
Abby Winters is a site which features all natural Australian girls getting nude and exploring their sexuality in a fun and wholesome way. This is a very unique site in the world of online erotica because the girls here are truly not found anywhere else and they are cute and are obviously enjoying themselves while taking their clothes off, for the first time ever in front of a camer in many cases. Abby Winters is not a hairy site per se, but does feature over 650 hairy shoots and hundreds of videos as well. Abby Winters is not only for the lover of hairy girls, but also for those of you who just love all-natural cute amateurs who are not over exposed on the web having some sexy fun.
First Thoughts
The people who run Abby Winters have a unique philsophy when it comes to erotica. They do not call it "porn", and I wouldn't either. Their primary focus when shooting these Australian girls is to make sure the models themselves are having a good time. They are also very protective of the girls and make sure that no one is promoting them in a way that is negative or misogynistic. I feel like this leads to an atmostphere of fun and uninhibitedness that you don't see on other sites. While many of these nude and hairy beauties from Abby Winters come across as much more free and innocent than girls on other sites, and that's sexy!
Inside The Site
Abby Winters has a very unique interface once you are inside the site. Even as a non-member you can see what it's like if you click the "members entrance" button at the top of the site once you go here. You can view the girls by tag, category, by model, content type, etc, in an extremely user friendly way, and can filter the content in numerous other ways to see exactly what you want. The photosets are large (typically well over 100 pics) and there are videos for many of the shoots as well. All photo sets are easily downloadable, either individually or in zips, and the videos can stream as well as be downloaded in numerous formats. No problems here in terms of content!

The site was started in 2000 so there is a LOT of stuff here to go through. There's everything from their older sets, which are still great if you aren't familiar with them, and tons of new stuff too since they are adding all the time. The girls of Abby Winters are all true amateurs, as was said above, but the best thing about them is their all-natural apperance. These are not models with perfect bodies in the eyes of conventional media. Some definitely have the slim, model-like figures you've come to expect from other porn sites, but many of these girls have bodies that run the gamut from curvy to volutuous and everything in between. Large breasts, small breasts, natural bush, big rumps, little rumps, glasses, tan, pale. These are REAL girls that you would see at university or who could be your neighbor and they are all gorgeous in their own ways, especially when they are nude!

The action in the content, especially their videos, is excitingly realistic. One gets the idea that nothing at all is being faked, including the orgasms. There are a lot of girl-girl sets and videos at Abby Winters and while I'm not usually a fan of lesbian content, I find this stuff especially erotic. These girls are obviously into exploring each other, some of them for the first time EVER. That's exciting to watch because you can sense some nervousness from some of the girls at first but when the loosen up it becomes one of the most naturally sexy things I've ever seen. After viewing hours of porn from other sites, this is definitely a treat. The girls masturbating give off the same vibe. They truly get into themselves and when they finally orgasm it's a lovely and very intimate thing.

There is no shortage of hairy girls at Abby Winters and at the time of this review there were over 800 of them! Almost every single one of the hairy girls are exclusive to Abby Winters, and ALL of the shoots are, so you're not going to find ANY of this stuff on any other sites. The bushes of their hairy category (which is referred to as "natural bush" in a tag if you are searching for it) range from trimmed down a bit or naturally not that hairy to full on labia obscuring vaginal hedge. As with the rest of the content, it's easy to navigate and download or stream in the case of videos.

Other Stuff
Abby Winters really lets you get to know their girls in a lot of different ways. There are lots of interview videos and a bit about all the girls within the site. This is a fun added bonus to what they already offer and gives the member a sense of intimacy with the girls. The one thing I will say that might be a negative about Abby Winters is that they don't offer as many photo shoots per girls as some other sites do (2-3 vs 5-6 on other sites). I think this is mainly due to the fact that these girls are not professional models whose lives are conducive to spending much time in front of the camera. It does leave one yearning for more from certain girls, but with over 1,500 amateurs on the site I feel that there's more than enough to fill that void.
Final Thoughts
All in all Abby Winters is a truly wonderful site if you love amateurs. This site might not be for the the hairy girl purist who likes ALL girls on the site to be as hairy as possible, but for the majority of you out there I can't reccommend this site enough. If you love REAL amateurs and like seeing girls get nude that you would see anywhere in town, Abby Winters is possibly the best site there is. With 800+ hairy girls, most hairy pussy lovers can't go wrong by joining. Abby Winters gets 4.5 stars!

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