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Brief Description

Every once in awhile you stumble across a site that makes you go, "Huh?", and then, "Hmm!", and then ultimately, "WOW!". Ishotmyself is one of those sites. Basically, it is all about "selfsploitation", meaning all the girls on Ishotmyself take the pics and videos of themselves. No outside photographers take the pics, nothing is staged, and the results are refreshing and very arousing. Ishotmyself artists are all very real girls that come in all flavors, shapes, sizes, races, etc., so if variety is your thing and you like real erotica, you are going to LOVE this site.

First Thoughts

Ishotmyself has a very unique site, and this is a good thing. The design and flow kind of reminds me of Suicide Girls, but with more emphasis on pics and videos. The Ishotmyself shoots come off as VERY real. It's obvious that the girls are having fun doing this and that the action you are seeing is not staged in any way. The girls at Ishotmyself really are exploring their sexuality right before your eyes and sometimes they take it to the extreme. There girls of every shape, size, color and attitude at IShotMyself. There are also couples and some of the sets do get hardcore. There are PLENTY of all-natural hairy pussy girls here too. All these girls are real amateurs and it shows in how natural and different their bodies are. I can pretty much guarantee that you won't have seen any of the over 2000 girls they feature at IShotMyself anywhere else.

Inside The Site
This is easy, because the inside of IShotMyself looks like the outside. The public tour is basically the actual members area of IShotMyself with none of the content linked up. There is a main landing page with the latest updates, forum posts, and upcoming artists. You can visit the "Folios" are where you can see ALL of the girls and couples on IShotMyself and you can sort the huge list of thumbnails by date, the artist name, or the folio name. You can search for videos, photos, solo, couples, and a few other ways as well.

IShotMyself has a running tally of all their artists, folios, images, and videos. At the time of this review (3/21/07) they have 2117 artists, 2613 folios, 117416 images, and 241 videos online. That's a lot of stuff! It really IS a lot to go through too. Apparently, the guys who run IShotMyself want to make sure you're never bored here. There's just so much stuff here and they update all the time.

They also have a very active forum at IShotMyself that's fun to read and post in if you're into that sort of thing. People talk about the artists, what they're into and like to see. You can post requests in here and pretty much anything else you can think of. There really is an active community at IShotMyself.
Other Stuff

Depending on your level of membership, IShotMyself provides a lot of extras. At the lowest level (starting at $9.95 a month), you get basic access to all the regular sets, including the more explicit sets. If you join IShotMyself for 90 dyas, you get all that PLUS get access to their huge archives and behind the scenes video clips. IShotMyself Extra level sponsors get access to the prime daily folio PLUS additional bonus content which is released daily.

All the pics are very large at IShotMyself: 1280x960 to be exact. The videos are big, nice and clear as well. There are no issues at all with the quality of the images. Some of the shots may seem weird, but that is part of the allure of this kind of content. It's all shot my the performer! Get used to it! ;)

Final Thoughts
IShotMyself is a very unique site in that you won't find this kind of self shot erotica done this well anywhere else. If you like very intimate and personal erotica, this really is the only site I would even consider. It's done brilliantly and there is a LOT of content. The girls are REAL, everyday people and they really are exploring their own sexual boundaries right before your eyes. In a vast sea of ugly, nasty, badly done porn sites that objectify women and offer nothing more than faked sex scenes, it really is refreshing to come across a site like this. This is real life and real erotica. Nice job, IShotMyself!
Ishotmyself gets 5 stars!

Quick Rundown

  • Over 2100+ Girls
  • 115,000 self shot pics
  • 240+ Self Shot videos
  • LOTS of hairy Girls
  • Numerous daily updates
  • these are REAL people
  • Girls Shoot their own Sets
  • Hardcore self shot sets
  • Lots of extra artist info


  • Sexy blonde shows off her hairy pussy
    Glynn From Ishotmyself
  • Blonde amateur shows off her hair
    Shira From Ishotmyself
IShotMyself has over 2100 artists in more than 115,000 pictures and 215+ videos!
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